Thursday, 19 March 2009


Yesterday I had meeting with the BBC's script reader Richard Edwards.

He went through my script, animatic and storyboards of both versions of my story  and we agreed on:

After the introduction of the character (she is dying, because of the atomic bomb radiation,...), the character needs to go on a journey, she needs to be driven by something strong (a wish to run again) and she can only achieve that through making 1000 cranes. Just before the end - after reaching the climax with conflict side (the illnes), she needs to realise that there is something strnger out there, something that she is fighting for - a wish for world's peace and running becomes secondary. The resolution - the afterlife- she changes into the crane.

The change in the story begins when she looks through the window in the hospital- she watches the kids playing outside (we show her sad, then we cut to what she is watching) and after that- the flash back on the happy days when se was running happens.We need to show that through different way of animation (maybe stop-frame look,...) 

So... there will need to be some changes....

The Easter break aims

- finish texturing - Anja
-title sequences done 
-try out special effects (particle animation, fog, reflections)
- rendering research
-animation of the objects in the scenes (propellers, branches,...)
-rough pencil animation of the body (preferable- filming of the real model acting)


I am really glad to see that everyone contributed with it's modeling share, I hope you will reference that well in your blogs. My aim was to learn how to do NURBS, POLY and SUBDIVISION modeling, what options they give me and what other tools are available. 
 (Mehmet, bamboo field )

another great reference

Origami In the Pursuit of Perfection from MABONA ORIGAMI on Vimeo.