Sunday, 31 May 2009

Group dates:

Group Jobs

Heba: 1 - Fix moving hand animation

2 - Finish sadako Tiring animation

3 - Do window behind shot animation

4 - Crane - animate both sides

Charlie - Finish Dynamics

Dan: 1 -Animate the feathers and clock tree's

2 - Finish Ending Credits

Anja : Write exact test so dan can animate the credits ASAP.

Friday 22nd May

Heba: Do the inbetweens, Do the Run -side view

Louis - Animate the Branches

Simon - Finish Fish Animation, Begin crane turning hospital animation

Dan - Finish Animating the CLocks and fethers - They need to move more naturally and slow down

Sound Designer: - Explain changes in movie, decide if voice overs are worth it or not

Anja : Animate more

1: Dying scene

2: Bomb scene, hands with baby

3: Looks upwards


Animate the Run

Tuesday 26th may

Heba - dO INBETWEENS for window scene!!!

Dan - Clock animation collected, ready to render

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