Sunday, 31 May 2009

Refference filming

A few weeks ago ( i forget the exact date) Anja and i came to college to film the references for several animation scenes so that anja could see how the human form works perfectly and create the best possible animation.

The girl that was asked to act out the role of Sadako, the films central character, is a Broadcast Post Production student named Kozue Sufu. She was chosen by anja due to her possible resemblences to Sadako Sasaki and due to the fact that Anja wanted a Japanese person to oversee the film a tiny bit (coincidentally Kozue should be helping me with post production on this movie) so that she could get the right feel to the movie.

We took many Photographs, some that I will upload shortly once i obtain them from Anja, we also filmed the Run and the Jump and even acted out almost all of the scenes from the movie, including the mourning scene where I had to act out the role of Sadako's 4 family Members.

Overall the references we took that day have been of a great use to Anja over the course of animating as it has given her the chance to really study the human body and its movement (something as im not too good at actually...) and create the perfect animations.

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Christopher Antony Owen Harrison said...

I just found a song called 'A thousand Paper Cranes' by the Japanese band Mono. Not sure if this is where Anja got her inspiration from? :)